LED light bars to make off-road trips safer

If you often travel beyond paved surfaces, extra lighting is what you need regardless of direction. Off-road ATV adventures or trips to your distant wood processing facility in the woods can be unpredictable at nighttime. ATV LED light bars manufactured by ChiMing can make this endeavor far safer!

Add lumens to your vehicle using easy-to-put bars of different lengths. Our LED light bars can be installed on racks and rooftops and are protected against chips, dust, and off-road debris. We are also happy to embrace bezel-less technology for most bars, so you have more illumination and fewer unuseful design features. Choose from double-row or single-row LED light bars, depending on the application and your requirements for additional lighting.

The great news is that you can use ChiMing light bars without safety violations. Our LED light bars are DOT-approved! Drive wherever you need without issues with local traffic authorities.

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